• When Ezra came to Judah in which king of Persia?
    What was Nehemiah’s role when he came back to Judah?
    After God saved Judean people from Haman’s plot, what did they call the day?


  • 1 and 2 Chronicles
    The Hebrew title is translated “the events (or annals) of the days (or years)”. The Septuagint translators divided it into two books and called it “the things omitted” [i.e., a supplement to […]

  • Who was son of David who became a king after him?
    What is a prophet’s name who fought against king Ahab?
    What is a name of prophet who anointed Jehu?
    What is the name of Judah’s king who […]

  • 1 and 2 Kings

    This single book was divided by the Septuagint translators (“Third and Fourth Books of Kingdoms”). It completes the history of the period of the monarchies up to the defeat and exile at the hands of […]

  • Who were two kings whom Samuel anointed?
    Write down 2 of David’s sons.

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